Building and Maintaining a Cooking Fire

My friend Stacy loves her brick oven! She’s been cooking all sorts of foods the past couple of years from appetizers to desserts. Her favorite thing to make is pizzas for her family on a Sunday afternoon. What a wonderful way to get the family together! We share recipes with each other and even sometimes samples of new yummy foods we are making in our brick ovens. It’s been so nice to share cooking ideas together and also living just a few minutes away. I’ve been realizing also more recently how many questions Stacy has asked me especially over the first year, such as how to start a fire in the brick oven, proper fuel to use, proper
tools/utensils and how to maintain the fire and temperature during the cooking process.

Maintaining the fire and temperature is definitely a skill that needs to be learned to really become successful with cooking in a brick oven, so I am planning to focus on more, educational videos/vlogs. Instead of focusing on preparing the recipe, I’m making I want to focus on how I’m peeping and then maintaining the fire and temp during the cooking process. I’m planning my first education videos already with my friend Stacy at her house making pizza, answering her questions, and showing how to maintain that fire while cooking. I’m so excited to share all these cooking skills with everyone. Look for these new videos later this season!

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