I’ve been working on my fajita recipe this winter. One of the experiments has been trying different cuts of meat. Traditionally, a flank or skirt steak is used. These two steaks work great and they are not a very expensive cut of meat. I do use them and recommend them. Another steak I tried that works well in fajitas is a buttered steak. It was not expensive, and it was even on sale, so I tried and ended up liking it just as much as the skirt and flank steak!

Whatever steak you use, I’ve found the real key to good fajita meat is cutting it up in very thin even pieces and always cutting across the grain of the meat. Doing this allows the meat to cut more evenly and become more tender. I’ve got a great fajita marinade sauce I use with my steaks and I’ll be sharing the recipe and video with you sometime this upcoming season.

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