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Happy December! This time of year, in northeast Ohio can get a little sad and gloomy outside with the cold temperature, the beautiful leaves are gone for the season, and worst of all, for me and a lot of others, is the shorter days with less sunlight. Ok wait a minute… why would I start this blog by saying “Happy December” and then bring you the negativity”. I guess because it has taken me many years to realize that each season offers positives and negatives. It’s truly how we choose to look at it. (that old glass half full or empty thing!) December for me is a wonderful time to bake and cook inside and outside and make the old favorite comforting foods, but also to have more time to test the new recipes I’ve been waiting to have the time to try. So, I guess for me “Happy December” means pulling back on the reins and finally having that chance to be stuck inside more and get to focus on that creative need to cook and bake until my heart’s content! Happy December to everyone!

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