Brick Oven Squash

In the northeast, in the late summer and early Fall, we have an abundance of squash readily available grown in our own gardens or about any produce stand you will pass. An excellent time to experiment with baking squash in the brick oven! So far, I’ve tried baking Acorn, butternut, and buttercup squash. I cut each in half and removed all the seeds and then added some salt, cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter to one, butter, brown sugar, and molasses to another, and finally just brushed on some oil and salt and pepper to the last squash. The squash all turned out very tasty and tender, but the family favorites were the two that I baked with the sweet seasonings inside! (that’s not a big surprise in our family because we like sweets!)

Baking the squash in the brick oven allowed me to caramelize the inside exposed surfaces and to create that unique brick oven flavor! I will have to agree with the Amish lady, that runs my favorite local produce stand, the buttercup squash was my personal favorite due to its mild and almost pumpkin flavor and texture! I’m definitely planning a future squash video shoot to show you all in detail how to cook up some delicious squash in the brick oven and hopefully inspire you to try and experiment with baking squash in your own brick oven!

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