Let’s talk about sweet corn

Did you know that sweet corn has many health benefits? Its high in fiber, contains essential minerals such as zinc, copper, magnesium, iron AND it’s also got some good antioxidants that promote good eye health.

Wow! I was just eating it because it tastes so darn good! As the corn has ripened here in Ohio, I have been experimenting with ways to cook it in my brick oven.

Here are two of my favorites!

The first way is the easiest to do by just simply placing the whole ear of corn (husk and all) in the brick oven and bake around 400 degrees for 25-30 mins. When the corn has cooked just peel the husk away and eat! Cooking with the husk on retains moisture in the corn. My second favorite way to prepare sweet corn is by removing the husk, wrapping serval ears in plastic wrap and microwaving for approximately 7 minutes. Remove the plastic wrap and brush each ear with some melted butter. Then, I place the corn on my little Tuscan grill, which is in my brick oven, heated around 400 degrees and rotate each ear about every 15 seconds. It doesn’t take long and you only need to lightly brown the corn. This method of cooking the corn creates a nutty flavor which is out of this world good! I hope you try out these ways of cooking sweet corn and love the delicious taste as much as me and my family have!

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