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One of my favorite things to do is exploring different a recipe that I find online, or in my cookbooks I have at home. I like to look on YouTube to watch different cooking videos because it is helpful to see different techniques that people use when cooking their recipes. Not only do I enjoy exploring through YouTube to find different recipe videos, I also like to sit down to watch different cooking shows. It is nice to visually see the way people cook their meals and it helps me to better understand how the recipe is made. The recipes that catch my eye the most, are ones that are simple but tasty. I don’t like adding extra ingredients or more of an ingredient if I don’t need it. One thing I have really been into ever since I started BOL, is cooking healthier, clean and simple meals. Especially now since there is a lot more emphasis on being healthy and eating healthier meals.  When I see other people cooking, it inspires me to want to get outside and try a new recipe out in my brick oven. I hope that I can inspire others to cook out in their brick oven and learn new cooking techniques through the videos that I upload on my BOL YouTube channel. It is not only something that I enjoy doing for myself, but I love being able to share the different recipes with you guys as well!

Brick Oven Bread - Brick Oven Recipe Inspirations
Testing out my homemade hotdog buns that I will video this summer

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