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My Woodshed

Being stuck at home because of the quarantine this spring was frustrating but also gave me time to work on my new woodshed and cut and split firewood for my brick oven. My husband Scott and I built the shed together taking an idea we saw from a DIY tv show (notice the kayaks tucked away in the back? Duel purpose shed!) I had a pile of oak and maple logs that I cut with my chainsaw and then split into pieces with a rented log splitter. I love power tools! I am very fortunate also to have a neighbor across the street that sells seasoned cut and split firewood. Truth be told, I mostly by my firewood from him, a lot less work that way! Having seasoned hardwood firewood is essential for hot burning fires with minimal smoke. I hope my shed ideas help inspire you with your personal brick oven lifestyle journey.

Brick Oven Woodshed

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