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The New Pokeeto Brick Oven

Brick Oven - Brick Oven Lifestyle

I’m so excited to introduce the newest member of the Round Grove Products family. The Pokeeto brick oven with a wood box below. My husband Scott, who owns Round Grove Products, has designed and created many different sizes and styles of outdoor fireplaces and brick ovens over the years. Now this year, Scott has designed and created his smallest fireplace and or brick oven yet, to meet the needs of those who are looking for a unit that is even smaller, lighter, and less expensive. The pokeeto means “a little bit”. Check it out and all of the other Round Grove Fireplace and brick oven units by clicking on the Round Grove Products sidebar on our home page. Our goal at Brick Oven Lifestyle is to educate and get everyone interested in getting outdoors and starting your own personal Brick Oven Lifestyle. Keep it simple. Keep it fresh!

Brick Oven - Brick Oven Lifestyle

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