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Last year was our first year of making brick oven lifestyle videos and it was very successful! We made 10 recipe videos and tried to be diverse with foods and dishes from steaks to cinnamon rolls! (check out all of our recipes and videos on the website!) while working on cooking all these yummy foods in the brick oven, I realized that I needed to update the patio tables I was using. In fact, I realized what would be most helpful for me while videoing and cooking was to have two tables; one large table for prepping and presenting the dishes and a smaller table right in front of the brick oven just below the door opening to have a counter top to set utensils and hot dishes just out of the oven on. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for to buy so I just designed and built them myself! I’m so excited to introduce and use the new tables in our upcoming videos this season!

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