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An outdoor brick oven lifestyle (BOL) begins with a vision. Each of us has our own personal reasons and feelings of why we are drawn to wanting a brick oven. What do you envision yourself doing with that brick oven? Is it being outdoors entertaining family and friends? Or is it the excitement of trying or creating new recipes? Maybe its the thought of being able to relax by going back in time to a simpler way of cooking. Like me, maybe you have all of these visions and more. 

When I was young, we lived on our family farm. We had an old spring house with a large open brick fireplace and two large copper kettles hanging from iron swing arms over ashes from long ago fires made before I was born. Even though it had been many years since that old fireplace was used I could always envision the sights and sounds of what those fires looked like burning away. One of my oldest memories is the smell of those ashes I smelled every time I stepped near that fireplace. Today the smell of the ashes in my brick oven always takes me back to those happy memories of my childhood farm and that old fireplace. It is a vision in time for me when life was simple and carefree. I love revisiting all those wonderful memories each time I fire up my brick oven! I share my memories and vision with the hope to inspire and encourage others to take the time to really think about and understand your own reasons for beginning your own personal outdoor brick oven lifestyle. Find your vision(s) and begin your journey!

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