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brick oven outdoor party

The Brick Oven Lifestyle website is more than just wood-fired recipes and fireplace tips. The Brick Oven Lifestyle website captures our passion for being outdoors with family and friends sharing sounds, smells, and tastes of brick oven cooking.  There is something so calming and refreshing about being outside cooking.  Life is good when the sun is shining, birds are singing, fire crackling, and the smells are wafting out of the oven!  What a wonderful way to entertain and spend time with friends and family!


Explore the Brick Oven Lifestyle website and enjoy classic wood-fired recipes, tested and tasted by our family; pick and choose outdoor fireplace and kitchen ideas that suit your home and lifestyle, and find tools and accessories to make your Brick Oven Lifestyle the best it can be. We can’t wait to share our lifestyle with you!

I love educating and sharing my cooking experiences.  My goal is to inspire others to get outside and begin their own Brick Oven Lifestyle!  If we share the same joy of outdoor entertainment, then I would love to see photos of your outdoor spaces and read your stories about your outdoor entertainment experiences.  Let’s share our passion for this lifestyle with all of our friends.

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